sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

6 x Sightseeing in Haarlemmerbuurt

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

In Haarlemmerbuurt you can do almost anything. Visit the Ibiza market, take a bike tour at Amsterdam Experiences or have a cocktail at Vesper Bar. If you are hungry, try Café Restaurant Stout. In this Haarlemmerbuurt guide, we have the best activities all nicely laid out for you. Here are 6 x sightseeing hotspots in Haarlemmerbuurt. 🙂

Sightseeing in Haarlemmerbuurt

1. The Breakfast Club

sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

First, we listed The Breakfast Club for sightseeing in Haarlemmerbuurt. At the Breakfast Club in Amsterdam, you can go for a nice all-day breakfast or lunch in the style of Paris or New York. Enjoy fresh juices or smoothies. Having a heavy morning? Try their delicious coffee and fresh local produce.

2. Ibiza Market

sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

The Ibiza Market is inspired by the hippie markets from the island of Ibiza. At the Ibiza Market, you can go for an exclusive range of products which are related to Ibiza such as lifestyle, fashion, jewellery and beauty. Enjoy a drink, snacks and delicious Ibiza sounds! The market also includes interesting experiences such as palm and tarot readings, henna tattoos and body painting.

3. Bike Tour Amsterdam Experiences

sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

Are you tired of the big crowds and overhyped spots in Amsterdam? Do you prefer to discover a different side of the city? Are you exploring the hidden neighbourhoods, alternative pubs, charming historical landmarks and modern street art? Do you want to feel the real vibe of Amsterdam? If this is what you are looking for, then come and join a bike tour at Amsterdam Experiences and discover something new about our beautiful city.

4. Vesper Bar

sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

Vesper is recognised as one of Amsterdam’s finest cocktail institutions. Over the years it has received worldwide acknowledgment for its top quality cocktails, dynamic bar team and genuine hospitality set within a unique, laid back, local neighbourhood environment. Vesper strives to maintain its sincere, welcoming, non-exclusive atmosphere. This is a place where the local community and tourists can connect, discover, exchange ideas and have fun!

5. Brouwersgracht

sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

Regularly voted Amsterdam’s most beautiful street, this wonderful canal at the northern border of the Jordaan is lined with residences and former warehouses of the brewers, fish processors and tanners who were operating in the area during the 17th century, when Amsterdam was known as the “warehouse of the world”. The long canals provide the perfect photo opportunity!

Last but not least… sightseeing in Haarlemmerbuurt:

6. Restaurant Stout

sightseeing in haarlemmerbuurt

Restaurant Stout on Haarlemmermeerstraat is a place where you can easily spend an entire evening. Drink red wine on the terrace, nibble on some snacks, dine in the restaurant and then go back to the bar. The interior is timeless. Every last Sunday of the month there is live music.


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