Family Guy daddy's new hobby - give your dad quality time in Amsterdam this father's day, with a customized city guide by Personal City Plan

The best gift for Father’s Day: quality time in Amsterdam

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

What is the best gift for Father’s Day? Quality time in Amsterdam. With you of course!
Visit Amsterdam together and take him to amazing places that he’ll surely love.

Hold on, that’s easier than you might think!

You don’t need to know Amsterdam well to give your dad a great day. All you need to do is tell us what your dad likes. We’ll do the rest.
We’ll send you a personalised Amsterdam city guide that’s made especially for your dad.

Get a customised Amsterdam guide for your dad here. It’s free. 

(Or, click here to see an example –  we’ve made it for an imaginary dad)

How do we make your dad’s guide?

We mix the things your dad loves with our huge Amsterdam database and a ‘personalised travel experience‘ algorithm.
Result: a customised plan for your dad (and you), filled with all the things that make him smile.

Is your dad into beer, champagne, raw juice?

Tick the boxes in our quick form and we’ll show you the best places for drinks that your dad likes.
Could be a beer garden, a champagne bar with seafood, or a place that serves raw juice and raw food for health-freak dads.

Does he listen to rock, EDM, Bach or…bird sounds?

Bird sounds? Bach? We’ll show you where to go. Wanna go clubbing with your dad and show him your latest moves? Why not? Visit a festival with top-notch DJ’s or join a late-night party in one of Amsterdam’s hottest clubs or live-music venues.

Bond with dad in a local café, video game bar or karaoke bar

Have you ever sung with your dad? Then you both might love karaoke. Do it. Making a fool of yourself together, that’s bonding to the max. Or you can play video games with him, just like the good old days.  If you just want to talk about life, there’s no better place than a typical Amsterdam brown café.

The best gift for the best dad in the world

Our advice for this year’s Father’s Day: no socks, no ties, no BBQ-gear or gadgets.
Give your dad a priceless gift: spend quality time with him in Amsterdam!

Get your dad’s personalised Amsterdam guide here. It’s free. 

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